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65. BonbonBall : 4000 visitors stormed the Konzerthaus

Even in his 65th Year of Viennese candy ball was again the fixed date for all the sweet tooth. 4000 visitors cost through three tons of candy. The sweetest was the Miss Bonbon. Bettina Kulmer from Tulln was offset with 744 packets of Manner wafers.


Vienna, 03.01.2014. A sugar-sweet and heady ball night saw the 4000 visitors of the 65th Sweet Balls in Vienna Konzerthaus. After the opening by the European Ballet St. Pölten (choreographer Renato Zanella ) under the direction of State Opera dancer Michael spruce tree , guests tasted through incredible 3.5 tons of sweets .

The highlight of the event was, of course, also this year the "Miss Sweet“ . About the title was pleased the 27 -year-old from Tulln Bettina Kulmer, which asserted itself with its charming way against their 160 competitors inside. During the subsequent outweigh the Miss Bonbon 2014 Manner wafers themselves proud 744 packs were piled on the measuring cup, which donated the lucky winner of the tradition according to the SOS Children's Village. "I have not expected it. This is my first ball ever, "the history and German teacher.

Opera Festival St. Margaret on BonbonBall

In terms of music, this time the candy Ball organizer Heinz Alphonsus made with the appearance of a real AIDA itself a gift . Martha Brivio from the ensemble of the Opera Festival St. Margaret was the musical highlight of the ball. Nestled in the brashly colorful world of the ball, marveled also the director of the Opera Festival St. Margaret, Wolfgang Werner, about the effect of his phenomenal performer to the audience. „As the many enthusiastic young viewers can see, opera can be as intoxicating. I am therefore confident that our Premiere of AIDA on 9 July 2014 again many young visitors will find their way to us in the Roman quarry of St. Margaret "Wolfgang Werner enthusiastic.

Sugar Sweet Thrill of the Hunt

The favorite activity of the visitors was - in addition to the dancing, of course - the hunt for sweets. And there was really plenty to kill. Over more than three tons of candy, sponsored by Manner, Pischinger, Kaiser, Heindl, Bahlsen, Casali , After Eight , Eskimo migrated into the pockets of the visitors. The local elite had packed the sweet hunting fever. Were spotted on the prowl : Actress Brigitte Kren , "Ex- Miss Austria " Carmen Stamboli , Cathy Zimmermann, Comm Council Brigitte Jank, Cathedral Priest Toni Faber, Miss Austria Amina Dagi , presenter Dominic Heinzl , ORF Dancing Star juror Hannes Nedbal , Designer La Hong, charity Lady Yvonne Rueff , gallery owner and artist Manuel grass ( Red Carpet ) , Mister film Ball Edi Finger , Otto Wilhelm Riedl ( men ), Dr. Hans Peter Andres ( men ) , men board member Dr. Alfred scrap Andreas and Walter Heindl, Fair Association - Austria - President Fritz Kaufmann and savings CEO Hans K. Reisch .


Manner Officer Dr. Alfred scrap:

"I collect the candy here for my children. They are waiting that my wife Andrea and I bring them something from the candy ball. And of course I cost me through the latest products of other suppliers. You have to know what the competition is doing so well ... "

Presenter Cathy Zimmermann:

" This is my first candy ball. Unfortunately, I am no sweetness. I like it spicy and hearty. But my mother is quite wild on it that I bring her a few pounds. "

Cathedral Priest Toni Faber:

the Steffl . That is why they also have on each package cuts the logo of the Steffels . "

Dominic Heinzl :

" I try to avoid any goodies . Since I 'm in the gym every day, I know how long they will need to run for every little sin . "

Dancing Star juror Hannes Nedbal :

"I treat myself now and again sweet . The reason for this is simple: I can afford it , since I move so much while dancing. And movement is my life! "

Amina Dagi :

" My mom collects all the candy for me. Then I got a year's time - until the next BonbonBall - to eat it all "

64th BonbonBall - 8th February 2013


The sweetest ball ever!




Top entertainment, excellent music and the most delicious sweets ever – that’s what you will find at the BonbonBall 2014 at the Vienna Concert Hall.

The highlight of the ball will be the election of the Miss Bonbon at midnight. Who will be our new Miss Bonbon 2014? Maybe you? All information for the participation you can see here.

Visit our BonbonBall and enjoy a sweet evening with a lot of exciting surprises.



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